The search for a good hot tamale is something that many tamale lovers have searched for many years.  When you are in the tamale business, you hear so many questions from people such as: Are your tamales good? What makes your tamales Cajun? What is a tamale? Do you eat the outside part wrapper? Are they very spicy? Are they dry or moist?  What do they taste like?  And the most favorite of all questions: How do I know if I am going to like your tamales?  And the questions, go on and on.......

Well, in 2010 two friends decided to take an idea they had from several years prior and put it to a reality.  That reality became what was started then, which we now know as Agave Tamale.  Located at 521 Alamo Street in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Agave Tamale serves some of the most favored tamales in the area by their customers.  You hear that!!??  We don't think we have the best tamales.  Our customers think we have the best tamales!!  We have nothing but our loyal customers to thank for the continued support of our product.  Our location is quick service and all customers are served for take out.  Give us a call, shoot us a email or better yet come stop by and see us.  We are the only building on Alamo Street in Lake Charles that is old enough to be confused with the actual Alamo in San Antonio.  We love our historic building and we love making our customers smile!



I can remember one of the first weeks we were opened.  A customer walked in and it was her second time coming to our store within the first week.  Before she left, she said, "Please don't close, ya'll please stay open"!  I quickly responded back, "We will stay open as long as you keep coming".  

-Agave Tamale Team-

Find Us @ 521 Alamo Street * Lake Charles, LA 70601 * 337.436.5602

Current Hours:

Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM

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